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Cognos Job Market

March 27, 2010

A good try about Cognos job market with some fancy charts (only for BI):

But there is a better site with more data (both for Cognos Planning & BI, historic & more detail) for a long time:


SQL Server log file

March 16, 2010

SQL Server default recovery mode is “Full”, so when you create an application db or a publish container they will inherit the default recovery mode. And you will end up gigantic SQL Server log files. So, the best way to prevent this is to change the recovery mode as soon as you create the databases. But if you miss that here is a step-by-step guide to delete the log file; you will need it once for each application.   

  • Make sure that there are no users in the system.
  • Take the application offline.
  • Backup DB in SQL.
  • Set the recovery mode from “Full” to “Simple” (DB>Properties>Options)
  • Detach DB
  • Rename Log file
  • Attach DB
  • New log file will be recreated
  • Delete Renamed Log file.
  • Take the application online.

Alternatively you can use some SQL codes to do some of the tasks above.