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“Logins” & “Locks”

December 16, 2009

When you try to point server Filesys.ini file you may have following error and cannot login to Analyst.

Most of the time these login problems might be a security issue; user may not have enough write/read access to the related “bin” folder on the server. (Giving related access rights will solve the problem)

Or “Logins”, “Locks” files might be corrupted. (Deleting these files will solve the problem, do not worry they will be re-created during next login attempt)

In this case, the problem is with Filesys.ini file as it is mentioned in the error. Filesys.ini file on the server needs to have server paths for “Logins”& “Locks” files (like \\server\shared_directory\bin\…  ) in order to be reached by the user. Amending Filesys.ini file accordingly will solve the problem.