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Planning 44

August 5, 2009

If you have changed your PAD in the old versions, you will get the following error message in the web:


All you need to do is to open good old planning 44 page:  machinemane/cognos/contributor/planning44.asp

And update the PAD information.


Cognos Planning Troubleshooting – PAD

August 2, 2009

Here is an interesting one:

Contributor application works fine, but you cannot create new Admin Links or new Macros. Existing Macros and Admin Links are not working too.

Here is the error log:

There was a problem loading the data into the common table ‘P_MACRO’

Caused by: org.jawin.COMException: 80040002:

Failed HRESULT [0x80040002]: Can’t enumerate any more,

because the associated data is missing[src=<SupplementalInfo><Source>epMacroTaskHelper:



<PreviousUserDomain>Unknown user domain

</PreviousUserDomain><PreviousUserName>Unknown user name</PreviousUserName><PreviousComputerDomain>XXXX



See the log file for further details. 

Problem was about PAD. After a major upgrade/migration PAD was not defined in Cognos Configuration. Although the application was OK, Admin Links and Macros were not working because of missing PAD.