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Saved Selections

July 27, 2009




Here is a question from Cognos discussion groups:

It appears saved selection cannot be saved (other than using deployment). It cannot be copied to somewhere and be retrieved in other application.

Does anyone know where SAVED SELECTION is stored in SQL tables? Can I copy and paste to another applications.

The answer is simply NO. You cannot copy & paste “Saved Selections”.

It is one of the tricky options of Cognos Planning. It can easily turn to a nightmare. That’s why I strongly advise you to use automated Access Tables instead.


Roadshow Presentations

July 26, 2009


Some of the presentations of IBM Cognos 8 v4 Roadshow are now available:

Cognos Planning – Modelling

July 14, 2009
I will try to answer some Cognos Planning questions in the Blog when I have time:

I have a situation where there are five regions and also 4 product groups. Each region has all these four product groups. To give you an example: the regions are Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. The product groups are Switchgears, Motors, Drives & Service.
Each of the region has a head – responsible for all product groups that it caters to. Similarly each of the product groups have a head – responsible for his particular product group across all regions.
In this case, both of them will want to view their portion of the budget/plan – cutting across regions / product groups.
So how should I define the Elist. I tried a combination – i.e. each elist item is a unique combination of region and product groups. But it is not working, when i try to total. i.e. i gave TEXAS TOTAL which is total of all four product groups in Texas. Similarly i gave MOTORS TOTAL which is total of all Motors in all regions. But since one item is getting totalled into more than one head, it is creating conflict while creating contributor application. Hope my problem is understood. Please help.

What you are trying to achieve –using a complex hierarchy- is technically impossible in contributor. Contributor accepts only a simple hierarchy as an e-list.

But, there are other things you may do as a modeller. First of all you need to identify the business problem clearly; define the process: what is the real data flow? Who is the real reviewer? Regional Manager, Product Group Manager or both? If “both” is the answer then how does it work? Or one of them just want to see the data instead of reviewing?

Once you have answered the questions and have a valid model you have some options (but it depends on what your model is).

  • You can use the second hierarchy as a d-list and control the intersections by access tables. Thus, you will have the second hierarchy in the total e-list node.


Figure 1

Figure 1



  • You can use the second hierarchy as an e-list in a second application and push & pull data between applications according to your model and data flow process.



Figure 2

Figure 2


You can have a longer list of options but as I have mentioned it depends on what your real goal is.

Analyst Macro

July 12, 2009


If you are trying to run an Analyst macro from Contributor, it keeps its “Running” status but never actually runs you definitely have a known issue and a simple solution:

Your problem is the ODBC connection that is used by your Analyst macro.

 You need to re-create your ODBC by SQL Native Client (SQLNCLI) instead of SQL Server driver (SQLOLEDB).

The Cognos Planning

July 10, 2009

I would like to recommend you a blog today:


It is not being updated regularly but it has some really good blog entries fully dedicated to Cognos Planning. It will especially be useful for the beginners in Cognos Planning space.

IBM Cognos 8 v4 Roadshow

July 9, 2009


I was in IBM Cognos 8 v4 Roadshow last Tuesday (09 Jun 2009) in London:

I could not stay for the optional afternoon sessions, but morning session for “BI and IT professionals” (Session1) was great. Hands-on presentations from configuration to report & dashboard creation and the whole business scenario followed in the demonstrations were satisfactory.

If you are in UK and missed the roadshow you still can catch it in Manchester or Bedfont next week.