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Business Intelligence Mind-Map

April 8, 2009


I want to share a PowerPoint slide from a presentation in Gartner – Business Intelligence Roadshow 2007 by Andreas Bitterer (‘The Key to Business Intelligence: Think BIG’); it is a very useful Mind-Map in order to see all relations in Business Intelligence:



In the same presentation some problems about Business Intelligence are listed as:

·         BI is still often seen as a project.

·         Companies have too much BI software.

·         Technology cannot solve political issues.

·         Dirty data is not the exception.

·         Who is the owner of your data?

·         Managing information with spreadsheets.

·         What is the single version of the question?

I think all of them are still valid issues.


Gartner Magic Quadrant

April 7, 2009


If you still did not see the last ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant’ for Business Intelligence (As of January 2009), here it is:


Apart from name changes (Cognos -> IBM, BO -> SAP and Hyperion -> Oracle) due to acquisitions there is not much radical changes compared to previous one. I have seen or worked with all the big products in the leader quadrant but I am really curious about the other small ones like Board International or Qlik Tech.

The most imported ‘Strengths’ points of Cognos are listed as the overall functionality, architecture and metadata management.  And the most crucial ‘Cautions’ points of Cognos is listed as ‘poor performance’ J  

Lastly, I believe that Oracle is way beyond in the quadrant where it really should be with its confusion, integration issues and overlaps in product offering.  At the end of the day you cannot tell the truth about the ‘Oracle’, can you?


Content Explorer

April 6, 2009

‘Content Explorer’ is a very handy tool in Framework Manager especially if you have a very complex data model with many query subjects.

It was sometimes annoying to try to find the right button for ‘Content Explorer’ in the earlier versions, but with Cognos 8.4 now you can find it easily in the right-click menu.


(Figure 1)

Just right click on the object you want to navigate and select ‘Launch Content Explorer’. (Figure 1)

‘Content Explorer’ window will be opened. (Figure 2)


(Figure 2)



April 2, 2009


I have attended a one-day introductory Business Intelligence course which was provided by Microstrategy.  


First part of the course included general information about Business Intelligence & Microstrategy, and the second part was focused on hands on report, dashboard development and metadata modelling experience. Here is a link from Microstrategy website about the course outline:

I have used Microstrategy before but I strongly suggest the course to beginners as an initial step to Microstrategy & Business Intelligence.  

Microstrategy is the biggest independent BI vendor in the market after all acquisitions, and it is one of the best without doubt:  

·         Its underlying ROLAP technology gives powerful reporting & drilling capability.

·         Everything is defined as an object, thus with object-oriented structure you have high ratio of reusability and low maintenance work.

·         It has one common metadata layer which is missing in many BI vendors like BO.

·         It has Data Mining & Predictive analysis capability which is missing in many BI vendors. Even in Cognos J

·         I am amazed by the data visualization & dashboard capabilities. They are easy to build and definitely fascinating.  

You can find lots of information about the product from their website. (There are even detailed comparison reports between Microstrategy and other vendors.)

I will definitely go on working on Microstrategy; next step will be installing the trial version and creating some reports…